Funeral Flowers: A Comprehensive Guide

by Australian Flowers

Many types of funeral flowers are available, and the choices can be overwhelming. When you lose a loved one, it is natural to want to express your condolences and show your support to the bereaved family.

One of the best ways to do this is by sending funeral flowers. To help you choose the right funeral flower arrangement, we have put together this guide to funeral flowers in Australia.

Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral Flowers Arrangements

A funeral flower arrangement is an integral part of a funeral service. It helps to express the feelings of the bereaved and also provides comfort to the family and friends of the deceased. There are many different funeral flower arrangements, and each has its meaning.

There are many different types of funeral flower arrangements that can be purchased from florists or online stores.

Casket sprays

Casket sprays of funeral flower arrangement are placed on the coffin at funeral services. Sprays come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours. The most common funeral flower Sprays are all white, red, or a combination of both. Casket sprays can be delivered to the funeral service or home before the funeral service.

The flower mainly used for funeral casket sprays are the following:

Red Roses

Red Roses are the most popular funeral flower in Australia. They represent love and respect and are often given to express condolences. Roses are also a symbol of new beginnings, making them a fitting choice for funeral flowers.

The red roses are primarily used in funeral casket sprays and funeral wreaths. The funeral florist usually adds some greenery to the arrangement, such as babies’ breath or ferns.

White Lilies

White Lilies are a classic funeral flower and are often seen as a symbol of purity, innocence, and hope. While they can be used for any funeral service, they are most famous for religious ceremonies.

These white lilies make a beautiful funeral arrangement and are a perfect way to show your support for the family during their loss.

Multi-coloured assortments

In casket spray funeral arrangements, multi-coloured assortments are often seen as a symbol of hope and life. They can be used to express your deep sorrow for the loss of a loved one and your support and care for those grieving.

You can find funeral flower arrangements in all sorts of colours at funeral homes and florists across Australia. Popular flowers for funeral casket sprays include roses, carnations, lilies and chrysanthemums.

Standing funeral sprays

A funeral spray is a large, often elaborate arrangement of flowers placed on a stand near the casket at a funeral service. The funeral spray is usually sent by close family members or friends to show their love and support for the deceased and their family.

Standing funeral sprays come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours and can be customized to fit the deceased’s personality.

Funeral Wreaths

Funeral Wreaths

Funeral wreaths are a type of funeral flower arrangement. They are made of a circular frame covered in flowers, leaves, and other greenery. It is often placed on top of the casket at a funeral service. It comes in many different sizes, shapes, and styles.

There are many different shapes in which funeral wreaths can be made.


The cross funeral wreath is the familiar shape of funeral flowers in Australia. You can find many funeral crosses at your local florist or funeral home. They come in different sizes, colours, and materials.

The flower mainly used in funeral crosses are roses. Rose symbolizes love, so it is a way to show your loved ones that you will always love them. You can also add other flowers to the cross, such as lilies, chrysanthemums, and Carnations.


The heart-shaped funeral wreath is one of Australia’s most popular funeral flower ideas. The flower arrangement is often made with a mix of red, white and pink flowers. You can find funeral wreaths in the shape of hearts at most funeral homes and florists.

The heart-shaped funeral wreath symbolizes love, care and respect for the deceased. It is a beautiful way to show your love and support for the family during their loss.


Bouquets in funeral flowers are not the traditional bunch of red roses. Funeral flowers in Australia usually consist of native flowers.

There are many ways to personalize funeral flower bouquets by adding special touches such as a photo, memento, prayer card or poem. You can also add a ribbon with a special message. Some florists will even create a funeral flower arrangement in the shape of a loved one’s favourite animal or object.

When choosing funeral flowers, the most important thing to remember is to choose something that expresses your relationship with the deceased and will be comforting to their family and friends.

Lilies in a Glass Vase

Lilies in a glass vase is a funeral flower idea found in Australia. This type of funeral flower is often seen at Asian funerals. The lilies represent purity and innocence, making them famous as funeral flowers.

Types of Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers come in all shapes and sizes. The funeral flower you choose should be based on your relationship with the deceased. Here are some popular funeral flowers



Lilies are a popular choice for funeral flowers in Australia. They come in many colours and varieties and are often seen as a symbol of purity and innocence.

This flower is native to Australia and popular for funeral wreaths and bouquets. It is an excellent choice to express your sympathy and support to the grieving family.


Carnation is a funeral flower with a long history dating back to the Roman Empire. The carnation symbolizes love, purity and innocence, making them a popular choice to express condolences.

Carnations come in various colours, with red being the most popular funeral colour. This flower is a popular choice for funeral wreaths, corsages and bouquets.


Gladioli come in a variety of colours, and their tall, stately stems make them ideal for use in large funeral arrangements. Gladioli symbolize strength and moral character, making them an excellent choice to honour the life of a loved one.

The colour of this flower also has different meanings – white gladioli represent peace and purity, red gladioli symbolize love and romance, pink gladioli denote appreciation, and yellow gladioli express sunshine and happiness.


Roses come in a variety of colours, each with its meaning. It often plays a significant role in funeral flower arrangements. They can be used to honour the life of the deceased, as well as to express condolences to the bereaved. Roses are also famous as funeral flowers because they are long-lasting and fragrant.


Chrysanthemums represent mourning and grief, so they are often used to honour the memory of a lost loved one. You can arrange this flower in various ways, but it is most commonly seen in funeral wreaths and sprays.

This flower is available all year round in Australia, making it a popular choice for funeral flowers.

Hydrangea Plants

The Hydrangea plants are the most common funeral flower in Australia. They come in various colours, and their blooms symbolize deep sorrow and immense joy. This flower is commonly seen at funeral homes and funeral services.

They are also very versatile, coming in various colours that can be used to create beautiful funeral flower arrangements.

Orchid Plant

Orchid Plant

Orchid Plant funeral flowers are a beautiful and popular choice for funeral flower arrangements. They come in many different colours, commonly white, pink and purple. Orchids represent love, beauty, refinement and strength.

In funeral orchid plant arrangements, the colour of the orchids can be significant. White orchids are generally used to express sympathy and are a sign of respect. Pink orchids represent admiration and gratitude, while purple can symbolize royalty or esteem.

Tulips and Daffodils

Tulips and Daffodils are two of the most popular funeral flowers in Australia. They are often seen as a symbol of new beginnings and hope, making them a perfect choice for funeral flowers. Tulips are available in many colours, so you can choose the ideal shade to represent your loved one. Daffodils are also famous as funeral flowers associated with rebirth and new beginnings.

Cheap Funeral Flower Options

Cheap funeral flower options are available if you know where to look. Funeral flowers can be beautiful and touching to show your support for the bereaved, but they don’t have to be expensive. Here are some tips on finding affordable funeral flowers in Australia.

Silk/ Artificial Funeral Flowers

Artificial funeral flowers are a growing trend in Australia. The main reasons for this are the cost and maintenance of fresh flowers. Funeral flowers can be expensive and only last a short amount of time. Silk funeral flowers are a great alternative because they are more affordable and last longer.

There are many different types of silk funeral flowers available on the market. You can find them in most florists or online. When selecting silk funeral flowers, it is essential to choose ones that are appropriate for the occasion. You should also consider the size of the funeral flowers and the colour scheme.

A Single Rose

A single rose is a classic funeral flower. Roses represent love and can be a beautiful way to remember someone important to you.

Roses come in many colours, so you can choose one that has a special meaning for you.

Where to Buy Funeral Flowers Online

Funeral flowers can be sent to the funeral home, church or cemetery. They can also be delivered to the family’s home. Many online florists deliver funeral flowers to Australia. Some of the most popular online funeral flower delivery services are

Fresh flowers shop offers a wide variety of funeral flower arrangements to choose from. You can shop by type of funeral flower, colour, or price. They offer same-day delivery to most major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin.

If you’re unsure what type of funeral flowers to send, they have a helpful guide covering the most popular funeral flower arrangements.

  • If you want to learn more about their services, you can visit their website at or call their customer service team on 1300 360 374.

Flowers for Everyone

Flowers for everyone is an Australian florist that specializes in funeral flowers. Based in Sydney, they deliver across Australia. They offer a range of funeral flower packages starting at $79, which includes delivery.

Some funeral flower arrangements they offer include wreaths, Sprays, Posies and casket flowers. You can choose flowers based on the deceased’s favourite flower or pick a funeral flower arrangement that has a special meaning.

How to order:

  • Online via their website at
  • By phone on 1800 66 66 46

If you’re not sure what funeral flowers to choose, Flowers for Everyone offers a sympathetic and experienced team who can help you select the right funeral flowers. They also have an online funeral flower guide that can assist you in making your decision.


Interflora is a popular option for funeral flowers in Australia. You can find many options on their website, including sympathy bouquets, wreaths, and funeral sprays. They offer delivery across Australia, so you can send your condolences no matter where you are.

They can arrange flowers for both funeral services and cremations, so you can find something that suits your needs. You can also add a personal message to your flowers if you wish. Some funeral flower arrangements start at $100, so they are relatively affordable.

  • To learn more about Interflora services, visit their website at

Religious and Cultural Considerations

Religious and Cultural considerations will play a significant role in what kind of funeral flowers you choose. It’s essential to be aware of these considerations before choosing your funeral flowers to ensure you’re selecting something appropriate.

Suppose you’re unsure about any of these considerations. In that case, it’s best to speak to a florist who can help you choose funeral flowers that will be respectful and in line with the religious and cultural funeral traditions.

Flowers for Jewish Funerals

The flowers for a Jewish funeral are lilies, roses, and tulips. Funeral directors will often have a variety of these flowers available, so you can choose the ones you think are most appropriate. The Jewish picks these flowers for funeral because they are seen as symbols of life and hope.

Some funeral homes will also offer funeral wreaths, which are often made with lilies, roses, and tulips; funeral wreaths can be placed on the casket or grave. The Jewish believe that the funeral wreath is a sign of respect for the dead and helps remember the deceased.

Flowers for Buddhist Funerals

In Buddhist Funerals, the flower represents the soul of the deceased. Some popular funeral flowers in Buddhist funerals are White Chrysanthemums, Lotus, and Lilies.

The white chrysanthemum symbolizes truth, innocence, and purity; lotus flowers symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. Lilies symbolize purity and innocence. The Buddhists believe that using these flowers during the funeral will ensure that the deceased’s soul reaches Nirvana.

Flowers for Asian Funerals

Flowers for Asian Funerals

The flowers for Asian Funerals are lilies, chrysanthemums, and orchids. It symbolizes purity, honour, and respect. Asians believe that these flowers guide the soul to the afterlife.

In Asian culture, you can see funeral flowers in a funeral procession. The funeral procession is a religious practice that helps the deceased’s soul find its way to the afterlife. The funeral flowers also decorate the funeral site and the grave.

Flowers for Muslim Funerals

No set type of flower must be used for Muslim funerals. However, white or cream-coloured flowers are generally considered to be appropriate. Roses, lilies and jasmine are all popular choices.

Muslims believe funeral flowers should be simple and modest, without flashy colours or patterns. The funeral wreath is often a circular shape, symbolizing the eternal nature of the soul.

Frequently Asked Questions about Funeral Flowers 

What flower is best for a funeral?

While any flower can be appropriate for a funeral, there are some that are particularly symbolic. For example, lilies are often used to represent purity and innocence, and roses often symbolize love and appreciation.
If you’re looking for a flower that is both meaningful and visually striking, consider choosing a purple orchid. Orchids have long been associated with death and mourning, and their unique beauty makes them perfect for commemorating a loved one’s life.

What is the official funeral flower?

The official funeral flower is the white lily. Symbolizing purity, innocence, and new beginnings, the white lily is a popular choice for funerals. It’s often used in arrangements with other flowers such as roses or carnations.

Do you put your name on funeral flowers?

No, you generally don’t put your name on funeral flowers. Funeral arrangements are typically a way for loved ones to honour and remember the deceased, and putting your name on the arrangements can be seen as egocentric and potentially off-putting to the bereaved. However, there are some cases where it might make sense to include your name on flowers or other funeral tributes—for example, if you’re paying for the arrangements yourself or if you’re sending a large arrangement from out of town. In any case, it’s always best to consult with the family of the deceased before making any final decisions about funeral flowers.

How do you pick flowers for a funeral?

Funerals are sombre occasions, and flowers selected for them should reflect that mood. Generally, it is best to choose soft colours and muted tones when selecting flowers for a funeral.
Some popular funeral flowers include lilies, roses, and gerberas. Lilies symbolize purity and innocence, roses represent love and compassion, and gerberas convey cheerfulness. If you’re not sure which flowers to choose, consult with a florist to get some advice.

What is funeral etiquette?

Funeral etiquette is quite extensive and can vary based on religious tradition. However, there are some basic general guidelines that most people follow.
For example, many people believe that it is appropriate to send a card or letter to the family of the deceased expressing your condolences. It is also often customary to bring a dish to the funeral or wake or make a donation in lieu of flowers.
Additionally, there are certain behaviours that are typically considered taboo at funerals, such as talking loudly or laughing inappropriately. It’s generally best to just observe and pay your respects quietly.

What does a white rose mean at a funeral?

White roses at a funeral can symbolize many things, such as purity, innocence, and sympathy. They may also represent the hope that the deceased will rest in peace. White roses can be given to the family of the deceased before or after the funeral service, or they can be placed on the casket.

What is the saddest flower?

One of the saddest flowers is the lily of the valley. It has a beautiful, delicate fragrance, but it’s also poisonous. If ingested, it can cause nausea and vomiting. Legend has it that after Mary Magdalene washed Jesus’ feet with her hair, she used the lily of the valley to scent his feet. And when Jesus was arrested, one of his disciples handed him a posy of lilies of the valley to remind him of his beloved Magdalene.

How far in advance can you make funeral flowers?

It really depends on the type of flowers you want to use. For most flowers, it is best to order them 2-3 days in advance. However, if you are looking for something specific or if you need to order from a specialty florist, then it is best to order at least a week in advance.

Is it tacky to bring flowers to a funeral?

No, it’s not tacky to bring flowers to a funeral. In fact, it’s a very kind and respectful gesture. Flowers add a touch of beauty and serenity to what can be an otherwise difficult day.
If you’re not sure what type of flowers to choose, ask the family or friends of the deceased for suggestions. Or, if you want to play it safe, go with white flowers, which are universally appropriate for funerals.

Who gets the casket spray?

The casket spray is usually given to the closest living relative of the deceased, such as a spouse, child, or parent. In some cases, if there is no living relative close enough to receive the casket spray, then it may be sent to another family member or friend.

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